Performance Testing


Weak performance in conditions far from extreme are the main reason people quit using web services and apps . Make sure it does not happen to you

Find out what is the real performance of your service and locate its limitations

Learn how to avoid potential performance related problems

Don’t let increased traffic on your website cause any disturbances


Surprise your customers with sheer speed of you products and systems


Ensure constant stability of your products and systems


Track down the problems and find out how to solve them .


Learn how to perform performance tests on your own

  • Web application performance tests
  • API performance tests
  • Competition analysis
  • Performance monitoring
01. Performance testing

Measure the time needed to perform individual functions of the system and assess the results to make it faster.

02. Stress testing

Find out how your system behaves, when its performance limits are reached.

03. Load testing

A simulation of real users’ operations will verify the system’s behaviour under an expected load and its factual limits.

04. Stability testing

Learn how your system behaves in a situation of long-term stress and how it reacts to its sudden changes and peaks.

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