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Identity and Access Management (IAM)

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Identity and access management (IAM) ensures that the right people and job roles in your organization (identities) can access the tools they need to do their jobs. Identity management and access systems enable your organization to manage employee apps without logging into each app as an administrator. Identity and access management systems enable your organization to manage a range of identities including people, software, and hardware like robotics and IoT devices.

Identity and Access Management

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How does IAM Work?

Identity management solutions generally perform two tasks:

  • IAM confirms that the user, software, or hardware is who they say they are by authenticating their credentials against a database. IAM cloud identity tools are more secure and flexible than traditional username and password solutions.
  • Identity access management systems grant only the appropriate level of access. Instead of a username and password allowing access to an entire software suite, IAM allows for narrow slices of access to be portioned out, i.e. editor, viewer, and commenter in a content management system.
What is the difference between identity management and access management?

Identity management confirms that you are you and stores information about you. An identity management database holds information about your identity - for example, your job title and your direct reports - and authenticates that you are, indeed, the person described in the database.

Access management uses the information about your identity to determine which software suites you're allowed access to and what you're allowed to do when you access them. For example, access management will ensure that every manager with direct reports has access to an app for timesheet approval, but not so much access that they can approve their own timesheets.

The future of IAM

With remote work becoming the norm and mobile device usage at maximum penetration, the domain of identity and access management has greatly expanded. Unsecured networks and combined with unprecedented user expectations introduces an influx of new device connections, a flurry of requests for remote access to sensitive information, and the looming threat of phishing and other web-based attacks as users hit rogue sites.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is instrumental in the future of IAM because it has the ability to recognize patterns and to expand knowledge exponentially – at the same rate as risk.

With continuous authentication, the context of a user is constantly evaluated at every interaction. AI is able to analyze micro-interactions while considering time, place and even user movement, calculating at every point the level of potential risk. Next-gen AV software, host-based firewall, and/or endpoint detection and response (EDR) will continue to evolve and add even more security within an organization.


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